Doc Lounge Distribution

Doc Lounge is a release platform and innovative distribution channel to reach a wide audience for documentaries. We specialise in events and outreach strategies, and strive to be a and catalyst for local collaboration, discussion and social engagement. We work with documentary distribution in various ways. See below:

Official Selection 

Two times a year, in January and August, Doc Lounge presents an Official Selection of new Nordic and international films. The Official Selection films are beeing screened around the Doc Lounge network in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Punk Voyage 

Doc Lounge are the official Swedish distributors of Punk Voyage (Jukka Kärkkäinen, J-P Passi / Finland / 2017) and will release the film in Spring 2018. 

Doc Lounge Live

A unique live screening concept, giving libraries, cultural institutions and cinemas around Sweden the opportunity to take part in and host interactive live screenings and top class documentaries. 

Doc Lounge Pop Up

This is a way of doing a temporary screening with Doc Lounge. We have a selection of movies and extra materials consisting of interviews with special guests or directors.  

Doc Lounge Impact Hub

A development project within innovative distribution focusing on outreach and impact. The project will launch in August 2018.